Why Women?

Women form more than half of the world’s population and are responsible for the 15,000 births per hour worldwide. The reality for most women, whether in the developing or developed world, is that equality is not a part of their daily reality. For women who have less access like the ones in our project and carry the burden of care and in most cases the burden of providing financially and otherwise too; we look to support the women of Africa with skill development, life skills and knowledge building. The women in our Girl Impact program do not only spread a positive word of care to the rest of her community, but act positively to empower girls and boys equally towards unlocking the potential for communities to value Girl Empowerment and values towards a more equal society. Women are influential and when empowered UNSTOPPABLE!

Of CEO positions are filled by women, meaning women are still underrepresented at every level of the corporate ladder
fewer child deaths would accur if all women had a primary education