How We Empower

How We Empower - The Six Pillars

Young women are change agents and their leadership can bring vitality, creativity and courage for social change. Young women have the power to inspire and mobilise others for positive action. They can encourage the questioning of systems and beliefs that limit lives and choices. With courage, they can confront even the injustices that have been in place long before our lives began.

With their leadership, young women ensure that social change will not stop when the generation before us is no more, but only when peace, justice, health, human dignity and care for the environment has been achieved everywhere, and for everyone.

The Girl Impact focuses on empowering these young women in Africa and this is achieved through our 6-Pillar Framework:


We help reduce the barriers to education for girls, enabling them to stay in school for longer and improve their ability to earn a living.


We help educate boys and girls about health risks, prevention and treatment, as well as providing support for those living with health issues such as HIV, AIDs or malaria.


We aim to change attitudes of whole communities on violence against girls and women, as well as providing support to those who have been the victim of violence or do not live in a safe environment.


We provide education to girls, boys and communities which aims to reduce the rates of early pregnancy in young girls, avoid unwanted pregnancy and support girls who are dealing with teenage pregnancy and early parenthood.


Our program prepares girls to make a living as they get older by discussing their options, teaching skills and supporting their efforts.


We give girls a platform to value asking questions, be challenged and supported in their opinions as a means of building up girls’ self-esteem and confidence so they can take more responsibility for their future.

The Pillars in Action