My experience working with the girl impact

For the last one year and five months I have worked with The Girl Impact. It’s been so incredible and the girls are a big part of that. I really enjoy the lessons we teach them. It is always a fun time each time we meet with the girls. When we just started The Girl Impact in Livingstone, it was different to me than it is now because most of the things were new to me and I was still learning the behaviour of the girls. Most especially on the part of understanding, you find that each child has her own behaviour that you have to learn. It’s always hard to change one’s life style and I found that some of the girls had different behaviour stemming from issues at home.

Now that I have gotten to know and love the girls I am able to understand them better and I find that they listen to me very well. This makes me enjoy my work very much! I also enjoy working with the volunteers. Now that I have learnt everything about my work, I am really enjoying myself. My work has become easy to me because I know how to work with all people, volunteers from around the world and the girls from communities here in Livingstone. I am able to interact with every volunteer who comes for the girl impact. I have also learnt that teamwork is important. If you work alone in life you cannot succeed. I say so because I have seen how hard it is working alone. For example, farming. If I was working alone at the girl impact farm I would not have made it!

Its hard work, but the teamwork together between the volunteers and the girls made it amazing. With girl power we have made it so good. A very big thank you for all the work from African Impact volunteers during the girl impact lessons, it wouldn’t be the same without you. You all are doing a wonderful job and it has been an amazing experience for me.


By Audrey, community liaison

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