How The Girl Impact Rugby Team Inspired Benjamin

Let me introduce myself. My name is Benjamin, an engineering student, and I’m here in Livingstone, Zambia as a “build it” volunteer. However, I’m actually going to tell you why you should join The Girl Impact program.

First, The Girl Impact is the highlight of my week. On Thursdays we take part in a girls rugby program, in which the girls learn valuable skills in teamwork, co-operation, sportsmanship and even self-defense! The first time I went down to the pitch, I was overwhelmed with their energy, but I came away feeling inspired and excited, clearing away those mid week blues, wanting to go back again and again.

Second, to illustrate the importance and value of volunteering on The Girl Impact program, allow me to relay a story which best describes my story. ‘A man was walking down a beach and as far as he could see were starfish that had been washed up into the sand being cooked by the sun. But walking towards him was a young boy who every so often would bend down, pick up one of these star fish, and throw it back into ocean. When they got close enough the man asked the boy “What are you doing you can’t possibly help all these starfish.” The boy simply bends down, picks up another, and throws it as far as he can. He replies, “but I made a difference to this one.”’

We can not help every girl; however, the girls we do impact, leave The Girl Impact workshops feeling empowered and most importantly safe in the knowledge that somebody cares. From this there can only be a multiplier effect.

To be a part of this multiplier effect, check out the volunteer and intern tab above!

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