The Girl Impact Livingstone at first sight by Morgan Domijan

I stepped into the Linda Community School and was greeted with girls smiling ear to ear, then they quickly transitioned  to run and get any desk and chair they can find to start our Girl Impact circle outside the school classrooms. They eagerly set their bags down and waited until the teachers were ready. All twenty-two Grade Four girls stood and collectively greeted us, “Good morning madams, how are you doing?” The lesson began and the atmosphere was automatically filled with energy. I heard girls using the words empowerment, strong, brave, kind, courageous and powerful. Our “empower girls” bear was passed around to share what we love about ourselves. At first, girls had a hard time standing up in front of everyone, projecting their voices. Once The Girl Impact volunteers stopped and reminded the girls to show self-confidence by standing tall, projecting your voice, and being proud of your response, the girls’ confidence level became truly indescribable. The girl’s enthusiasm for the lesson revealed their genuine care for learning.

As the week carried on, I attended Grade Six Girl Impact Workshops, participated in sustainable farming, and watched the girls attend Reading, Math and Sports club. Throughout this week I began to find a pattern. The girls who regularly attended The Girl Impact workshops also attended all the extracurriculars African Impact has to offer. Not only were girls being educated in the six pillars during The Girl Impact workshops, they were also practising and applying these skills on their own.

Watching these girls growing in just a week made me only more excited for my new position with The Happy Africa Foundation. As an intern for The Happy Africa Foundation, I have the privilege to be working with The Girl Impact both internally and externally. How amazing that I get to put forth my passion of education to support one of the pillars for The Girl Impact! I have been given the opportunity to strengthen the pillar of education through assisting the process of coordinating new curriculum. Furthermore, we will be able to monitor evaluations to create a sustainable program for future generations of girls. We will also continue to encourage girls in The Girl Impact to remain in Math and Reading Club and to participate in sports to practice a number of the six pillars.

Even after being here for two weeks, I am so hopeful these girls are learning and applying their new learned skills from The Girl Impact program on a daily basis. I already see such great potential for these girls to become strong leaders in their communities. The Girl Impact is truly changing the future for all girls in Africa and I am so privileged to be a part of this impact.


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