Victoria Falls, Zambia

By May 17, 2015

In Zambia, life for a young girl is hard. With over 60% of the population living below the poverty line, it’s no surprise that school dropout usually begins around the age of 13. Teenage pregnancy, menstruation, duties around the home or having to care for younger siblings, often causes girls to abandon their schooling, or fall more than two years behind their expected age grade. With very little support for those girls, it limits their potential and has other far-reaching implications.

  • HIV spreads twice as fast among uneducated girls in Zambia than any country in the world
  • Women with no education have their first birth 6.2 years earlier than women with secondary education
  • 1 in 10┬áZambian women are married before the age of 15 and 45% are married by the age of 18
  • About 28% of young females aged 15 to 19 years have begun child bearing
  • 47% of women in Zambia have experienced physical violence since they turned 15 years old