Moshi, Tanzania

In the town of Moshi, at the base of Mt Kilimanjaro, African Impact run education, public health and enterprise projects to target some of these issues, and have now developed a gender equality initiative in conjunction with The Girl Impact.
These gender empowerment projects focus primarily on empowering girls and women through education and skills development initiatives, while engaging all members of the community, including boys.

Quick Facts

Gender equality in Tanzania is relatively advanced, compared to it’s neighbouring countries. However, while there is a higher number of women in school, work and even in politics, women are still largely under-served in rural communities and face many inequalities in their daily lives.

• About 14.6% of all women and girls aged between 15 and 49 have been subjected to female genital mutilation
• 41% of girls transition to secondary school education. However, only 3% complete the cycle, mostly due to pregnancy
• The percentage of women aged 20-24 who were married before the age of 18 is 38%
• Salaries paid to women are on average 63% lower than those paid to men
• When women own businesses, they make 2.4 times less profit than men

Moshi Programs

Girl Workshops

Providing a safe, afterschool space to provide educational and creative workshops around the six pillars.


Women Workshops

Women workshops, consisting both of support and income generation groups, educate women on the six main pillars to learn rights in her own community.



Boy Workshops

Providing a safe, afterschool space to empower and educate boys around gender equality topics and addressing the six pillars.