For a 600% ROI, Invest in Educating Girls

Article from The Huffington Post   March 08, 2017

As experts attest, each additional year in school delays a girl’s marriage, lowers her risk of dying in pregnancy or in childbirth, and increases her future income by a full 10 percent. When women earn more, they spend more on meeting their families’ needs. Educated women also have fewer children, each of whom is more likely to survive and to go to school. Including the families these girls will create and anchor over the decades to come, we’re talking now about an additional 50,000 people — husbands, children, future earners — whose live will be affected by the girls we educate today. Even without considering other family members likely to be better off when a girl is educated – siblings, grandparents, extended family or friends – more than 86,000 people are being helped. Educating just 1 girl now touches the lives of at least 6 others.

A relatively small investment shows big returns today and for years to come. The impact is clear and the goal achievable: we must recognize that #GirlsCount.

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