How We Empower

The Six Pillars

Young women are change agents and their leadership can bring vitality, creativity and courage for social change. They have the power to inspire and mobilze others for positive action. They can enourage the questioning of systems and beliefs that limit lives and choices. With courage, they can confront even the injustices that have been in place long before our lives began.

With their leadership, young women ensure social change will not stop when the generation before us is no more, but only when peace, justice, health, human dignity and care for the environment has been achieved everywhere, and for everyone.

The Girl Impact focuses on empowering these young women in Africa and this is achieved through our 6-Pillar Framework:

The Pillars

Self confidence

Providing outlets for girls and boys to express their feelings and emotions in a supportive and safe environment to ensure a boost of self-confidence outside of The Girl Impact classroom

Income Generation

Providing girls and women tools, resources and access to start their own income generating activity which in returns produces a business such as a farming or event management.


Every girl has the right to receive the same level of education as a boy.


Educating girls about their bodies and educating all girls, women, boys and men about the different resources their communities provide to equal, clean and safe health care.

Early Pregnancy

Providing girls education surrounding early pregnancy and giving them the voice and tools to say “NO”.


Providing girls and boys with a safe environment by enforcing our child protection policy.