Cape Town,
South Africa

The Girl Impact collaborates with local partners to improve the safety and violence statistics of women and children in Cape Town’s impoverished communities through approaches such as art therapy, physical engagement, job readiness, social/emotional support and educational workshops, all while integrating the six pillars.

We aim to ensure all participants involved are safe, supported and empowered to create a self-sustaining life for themselves and their families. This is achieved through the provision of tools to keep women and children safe and the education of young boys and men to allow them to do so.

Quick Facts

• Just over half of girls in South Africa will leave education before completing Grade 12
• 60,000 women and children in South Africa are victims of intimate-partner violence every month (Children’s Institute at UCT)
• At least 1.1 million young children are likely to be exposed to intimate-partner violence, that is, abuse by a family member (Children’s Institute at UCT)
• In 2012, child victims accounted for 40% of all sexual offences (Children’s Institute at UCT)
• Between 35% to 45% of children have witnessed violence against their mothers (Children’s Institute at UCT)
• 39% of girls aged 15 – 24 years have given birth, with 28% having never married or lived with the father of the child

Cape Town Programs

Girl Workshops

Providing a safe, afterschool space to provide educational and creative workshops around the six pillars.


Boy Workshops

After working with girls and women, we realized what about boys? Boys come together for workshops and activities which also surround the 6 pillars.


Women Workshops

We provide women with physical, emotional and educational skills.