Our Partners


A local NGO set up in 1998 to fight against FGM and child marriage, and fight for girls’ education and rights. We partner with NAFGEM during the school holidays when girls under their care return from boarding. We are currently delivering a long-term empowerment curriculum to support them on their journey to become changemakers in their communities.

Secret Garden Hotel;

A local hotel that provides us with a free space to deliver our Maasai Literacy program every Monday to Thursday morning. We also do our famous monthly quizzes here.

Nyange Adventures Safari;

Our socially responsible safari partner. Since 2014, Nyange has donated over $10,000 to our African Impact Foundation projects in Moshi and provides a great safari service to our volunteers.


Our Child Protection partner who we seek advice and training from.

Pamoja Tunaweza Boys and Girls Club;

A local NGO run by street-connected adults and youths. They use waste products to create beautiful new items. We partnered with them to teach our women’s’ group how to make similar items. We also sell their products in our volunteer house.

First Aid Africa

An international NGO that delivers first aid training on the ground. FAA delivered vital training to the staff at our Old Folks Home, our women’s’ group, community students, and local Maasai security guards.


An NGO that promotes menstrual health and hygiene among young girls and women. We are currently working with them to put together a curriculum for Kimochi Secondary School Girls Club.

Grandmothers Against Poverty and AIDS;

We work with the grandmothers of GAPA to deliver reading clubs and girl/boy talks to Grade 4 to 7 students in a local community in Cape Town.


A non-profit organization that works with 18 to 35 year olds to develop job readiness skills that will ensure they are employable after graduation from the Q30 course.

Moshi Municipal Council Social Welfare Department;

We have partnered with MMC since 2014 and they remain one of our biggest supporters – especially with regards to our Old Folks project. They often attend events and invite us to attend important community meetings or offer updates regarding the Moshi community.

6Rafiki Walking Tours;

Originally an African Impact entrepreneurship project, 6Rafiki grew in strength and we are so proud that they’re an independent entity now.

Shiners Pre-school;

We have worked with Shiners since 2015 and support two of their students’ classes with local teachers. We were also able to help them build an emergency safety wall in 2017.

Kimochi Secondary School;

The secondary school that we deliver our after school boys and girls club in. In 2018, they hosted our International Day of the Girl Child event and have been a great long-term partner.